Residential Club, Antigua, West Indies

Scope of Project/Services

The clients requested complete architectural design services for a renovation of and addition to an existing residence located on a cliff overlooking the ocean. The residence was part of a club in Antigua, West Indies, necessitating compliance with club guidelines for design and construction. 

Special Requests or Needs of the Client or Job

The clients wanted no place in the home to feel truly indoors, and to have access to water views from as many spaces as possible, while blending the design into the surrounding beautiful landscape. We designed several open areas to be protected from the harsh sun while having clear views of the stars at night.

Challenges and Solutions 

The Club had design guidelines we needed to abide by, the most significant being a tight construction window of a specified six months during the year. We worked closely with the local contractors in Antigua to complete construction during that time. Another challenge was the natural state of the heavily vegetated site, with several unusual pitches and peppered with large stones. Our design took into consideration all these conditions, expanding the building in a manner least disruptive to the landscape.

Special or Remarkable Features

One of the more unusual landmark features was an old deteriorated salt mill, which we rebuilt as part of the renovation and incorporated into the design.  

What We Enjoyed Most About this Project

“This project provided a unique opportunity to work in a tropical environment, one which presents many different challenges, namely the environmental factors of harsh rain, sun and salt coupled with hurricane force winds.  Familiarizing ourselves with construction methods and materials for this climate was necessary, as super-durable materials are required to withstand such conditions. It was also essential to orient the new addition to block the wind.” Spencer McCombe 

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