Brenton Point Residence, Newport, Rhode Island

Scope of Project/Services

The scope of this project was the full architectural design process  — through construction documents and construction administration –– for a kitchen and patio addition to the back of the client’s residence, as well as an infinity pool and new pool house in the back yard.

Special Requests or Needs of the Client or Job

Stagnant water in the nature preserve below the property brought insects to the site. The client requested our aid in mitigating the insect problem so he could enjoy his new outdoor living space. We incorporated features into the design like an automatic roll-down insect screen around the patio and infrared heat lamps on the ceiling to keep the insects away.

Challenges and Solutions 

The home is located atop a 15+ foot cliff overlooking a nature preserve, necessitating a massive concrete retaining wall to support the new backyard design features and the infinity pool.  Our structural engineer, Camera/O’Neill Consulting Engineers, was a large help in this design. Also, due to site hardships during construction, the contractor worked closely with us to make decisions on the best way to proceed. This project reinforced the need for a great relationship with an experienced contractor, in this case, Behan Bros. Bumps along the way are a part of any project, but with a good team working through any problems that arise, success is assured!

Special or Remarkable Features

The seamless integration of the infinity pool with the massive retaining wall is certainly the most remarkable feature of this project.

What We Enjoyed Most About this Project

“The best part of the design process was taking such a difficult site and making the client’s dreams into a reality.” Ray Goddard

Contractor: Behan Bros.

Photography: Francesca Dolnier Photography

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