HarborOne Bank, Boston, Massachusetts

Cordtsen Design Architecture Team Members
Rebecca Zaylor, Jared Weaver, Spencer McCombe and Jed Sopchak

Project Name and Location
HarborOne Bank – Waterfront District in Boston

Scope of Architectural Services Requested
CDA provided the full range of architectural services from as-built drawings to schematic design, design development, permitting, construction documents and construction administration and support. We also worked with and presented to multiple city boards in Boston, including the Massachusetts Historical Commission, to get approval for our plans for the bank branch design.

Special Requests or Needs of Client
We attended weekly construction meetings in Boston, Massachusetts during the construction administration phase.

Architectural Challenges and Solutions
The existing space was small, and our skills in space planning allowed the bank to make the most of the space that they did have.

The bank branch was a renovated portion of a Charles Bullfinch building in the Waterfront District. Due to the building’s historic significance, relationship to the water, and the zoning code we presented our project to several city boards for approval.

Since the project was in an existing historic building the contractor worked with us to make decisions on unknown conditions, floor leveling, and other issues that would not be present in other types of work.

Special and Remarkable Features
The existing ceilings and suspended mechanical units meant that the ceiling height in the space was very low. At the lowest points we made an interesting geometric wood pattern so it seemed like the ceiling was purposely low.

What did you enjoy most about this project?
”We had a great experience working with Auburn Construction (Whitford, MA). They were excellent to work with. The bank was also full of great people. All around it was such a pleasant experience to interact with those involved in the job.

”CDA does not always get to detail interiors but on this job we aided in color and finish selection which really pulled the entire design together. We are proud of how the final finishes coordinated one another.”
Rebecca Zaylor, CDA Architect

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