Joseph Cardella Cordtsen Design Architect

PHONE: 401-619-4689 (EXT. 17)

Joseph Cardella, AIA


Joe received his Master of Architecture degree from Roger Williams University in May of 2016, joining the Cordtsen Design Architecture team in April 2018. He has been practicing professional architecture for over 5 years now and finished his licensing exams in November of 2019.

Facts about Joe:

  • Where were you born and raised? Born in Staten Island, NY, and moved to New Jersey when I was 8

  • Do you have any brothers or sisters? Two younger brothers

  • Where have you lived? New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, & Italy

  • What is your favorite movie? Gladiator

  • What is your favorite sports team? NY Giants

  • What are some places you’ve visited? Florence, Italy , Rome, Italy, Split, Croatia, Munich, Germany, Hohenschwangau, Germany, Dublin, Ireland, London, England

  • What is your favorite season? Summer

  • If you could learn any language, what would it be? Italian & German

  • What was your favorite childhood toy? Lincoln Logs & Legos

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