Landscape Creations, Saunderstown, Rhode Island

Scope of Project/Services

The client’s business had outgrown their existing office building; they needed us to design a 1700 sq. ft. new addition and a 1500 sq. ft. renovation of the existing main office building to accommodate their expansion. 

Special Requests or Needs of the Client or Job

Located in a pastoral farm-like setting in a rural area, the client wanted the addition and renovation to keep to the existing “New England Farmhouse with Barn(s)” look.  They also needed a fresh design of their street-facing entrance to the main office, something very prominent but attractive, clearly visible from the road, and complementing the New England Farmhouse style.

Challenges and Solutions  

The biggest challenge was to maintain the simplicity of the New England Farmhouse style of architecture, blending the building into the surrounding rural landscape, while both doubling the size of the structure and making the front entrance to the main office a prominent feature.

The solution was to mirror the 1 ½ story admin wing of the existing office building, but at a slight angle, using a heavy timber entry connector. This allowed us to break up the increased space needed for the expansion while creating an aesthetically pleasing addition that blends well into the landscape and keeps with the New England Farmhouse design. We used the heavy timber entry connector to give the building a stunning and prominent cupola/cathedral-style entryway on the front of the building, with a similar entryway in the rear, where most people park. The new entryways and vestibule, accessible from both the front and rear of the building, became the main design feature.

A second challenge was the need to keep a sharp eye on the budget and schedule, as the contractor was relatively new to a project of this scope. Having us very involved in the construction process helped with those challenges. While the project went beyond the forecasted schedule, it still came together very quickly.

Special or Remarkable Features

Especially noteworthy is the heavy timber detailing of both the interiors and exteriors of the building, as well as the coordination with the landscaping, stairs and masonry. The landscaping, stairs and masonry were designed by Landscape Creations of RI.

What We Enjoyed Most About this Project

“Maybe I say this about everyone, but I really enjoyed being a team member with the owner, and trying to make everything better than it could be.” ~Spencer McCombe 

Contractors and Other Subcontractors

AKA Construction: Contractor

Landscape Creations of RI: Landscaping, stonework on building and stairs, patio in back of building

Superior Comfort: HVAC

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