Luczeida Matos

Architectural Designer

Luczeida was born and raised in Puerto Rico. She earned her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Design from the University of Puerto Rico, and graduated from Florida A & M University with a Master’s in Architecture. Luczeida came to CDA in 2022 with over five years’ experience working in other architecture firms in Florida and with contractors in Puerto Rico, and is a member of our Tampa office.


·        What attracted you to architecture?  Art in any medium. Since a young age, I’ve enjoyed painting and drawing. I always saw architecture as a method to translate my art and creativity into sculptures which are my stronger talent.

·        What is your favorite design style? Spanish, Gothic, and Modern.

·        Have you been involved in any community projects? Yes, I worked as a pro-bono designer remodeling interior spaces of a historic building to accommodate a non-profit school organization. Also, I traveled to Ecuador and Perú to participate in the “Taller Social Latinoamericano” a social workshop for Latin American architecture students which intends to explore the social component and impact of architecture in different communities around Latin America.

·        If you could solve any one problem in the world, what would it be and why? Homelessness, because housing is one of the primary needs of a human being. I believe that as architects, we should provide accessible and affordable housing solutions for all of those in need.

·        What is your lifelong dream? To own a coffee shop while offering services as a pro-bono architect. 

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