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Talks from Spencer McCombe, CDA’s Founder & Principal

Spencer Cordtsen McCombe, AIA, LEED AP

Principal, Architect

Spencer moved to Rhode Island to attend Roger Williams University where he received his Bachelor of Architecture. After 4 years of internship with an architecture firm in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. He has been practicing architecture in Rhode Island since 1996, first with Newport Collaborative Architects, and in 2009 he launched Cordtsen Design Architecture. He is currently a registered architect in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Hampshire and New York, and is a member of both AIA and NCARB. Spencer is also a member of C12, a Christian CEO Peer Advisory organization.

Listen to Spencer’s radio interview on WADK radio’s “Bruce Newbury’s Talk of the Town” (Feb. 10, 2020)

Listen to Spencer’s inspirational and motivational messages to his church: “Are We Too Busy?” (May 19, 2019) and “How God Uses Our Failures” (Aug. 25, 2019)

Facts about Spencer:

  • Where were you born and raised? Pewaukee, Wisconsin

  • What is your favorite local building? Wild Acre on Ocean Drive in Newport

  • Who is your favorite architect? James Cutler

  • Have you been involved in any community projects? RI East Bay Habitat for Humanity; Newport Boys & Girls Club Board; Boys Town New England; Middletown Youth Wrestling Club (North End)

  • What is your favorite place in Rhode Island? First Beach Newport for Volleyball Tournaments

  • What is one thing you’ve done that would surprise most people? “I was expelled from 2 preschools when I was three and four years old.”

  • What was your weirdest job? Carnival worker for company picnics and parties

  • Where in the world would you like to explore? Patagonia and Argentina

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