Jed Sopchak Cordtsen Design Architectural Designer

PHONE: 401-619-4689 (EXT. 15)

Jed Sopchak

Architectural Designer

Jed studied Architecture and Visual Arts at Roger Williams University.  In the near future he plans on returning to Roger Williams University for his Masters Degree in Architecture.  He has been on the team with CDA since March 2017.

Facts about Jed:

  • Where were you born and raised? Rhinebeck, NY

  • Do you have any brothers or sisters? Yup, I’m blessed that two of my best friends happen to be my brother and sister.

  • How would you describe yourself? I’m a pretty happy go lucky guy.  I always try to make the best of the situation and stay optimistic. I also laugh a lot.

  • What is your favorite place in Rhode Island? The beach.

  • How do you spend your free time? Surfing, seeing live music, all sorts of art and design projects, cooking, biking, being outside…enjoying life and trying to live it to the fullest.

  • Who is your hero? Mom and dad, hands down.

  • Who is your favorite music artist? Grateful Dead

  • What item do you never leave home without? Sense of humor

  • What is your favorite sports team? Yanks and G-Men

  • What is your favorite meal? Steak, garlic mashed potatoes, asparagus and a legit Caesar salad. 

  • What are your most prized possessions? My friends and family. 

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